Using a Syndicate to Play Foreign Lotteries

The great thing about the internet is that you do not have to limit yourself to just playing the lottery games in your local area.  At any given moment, there are hundreds lottery games being held around the world and some of them have incredible odds of giving you a big win.  It makes more sense to play these foreign lotteries with good odds than invest in your local lottery which may have poor odds of a return.  There are some rules to playing foreign lotteries so you may need a lottery syndicate to do it for you.

Most people think of a lottery syndicate as a group of colleagues or friends who pool their money with the hopes of pooling a big lotto win some day.  This is how the original idea of a lottery syndicate began and there are thousands of them in just the UK alone. But a lottery syndicate can be just about any group of people – even people you don’t know.  Since the advent of playing the lottery online, many people have begun to take advantage of the terms for a lottery syndicate to play foreign lotteries.

A lot of lotteries have rules about who can and cannot play their games.  For example, the lottery/">National Lottery in the UK allows any adult to play their games so long as that person is physically located in the UK or the Isle of Man when the ticket is bought.  Even though you can buy lotto tickets online from any part of the world, the person must still meet these requirements.

To get around these sorts of rules, people can join a lottery syndicate online.  Unlike a standard lottery syndicate where you agree to pool the money, some lottery syndicates just act as a concierge to buy tickets for you.  The head of the lottery syndicate is located in the UK and does the buying for you.  You have an agreement that you will get so much of any winning ticket. There are some online lottery syndicates which are based on the standard model of people pooling money and splitting costs – just that the people don’t know each other.

With an online lottery syndicate, you can expect to pay more for the lottery tickets because the concierge or syndicate manager will generally tack on a fee for making the purchases for you.  It is really important that you understand all of the terms of an online lottery syndicate before sign up.  Some syndicates will take a large chunk of your money for the actual ticket price and then for winnings too.  Especially make sure that you know what the deal is for small wins.  Obviously, you would fly to the country of the lotto to pick up a jackpot – but how do you collect smaller wins of say 2,000?  A good online lottery syndicate will lay out all the information for you and have a clear-cut contract which all parties must agree to so you can be sure to get your winnings.


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